Only 10,193 Volkswagen SP2 (1679cc engine) were built between June 1972 and February 1976 plus only 162 of the type SP-1 (1584cc engine) In the VW factories São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil . Due to the small difference in price equivalent to 1100 Deutsch marks (about 550 euro) the choice of most buyers fell on the higher-powered SP-2. The SP was supposed to be a world car but VW Germany decided differently, more than likely with their own development of the nearly as nice 914 Volkswagen Porsche and they didn’t want to compete with a “Brazilian” VW model… The history could have been different.

Because as a so called wrong height of the headlights, VW Do Brasil was not allowed to export these cars to Europe, or the United States. Only one made its way officially to Portugal. Only the Canary Islands didn’t fall under the grand European VW market rules. So about 65 units of the beautiful SP2 made their way to this archipelago. And from there some found their way to mainland Spain, exactly where this particular SP2 comes from. Out of an old established private collection in Barcelona.

To me as to many, the SP2 is undeniable the most beautiful model VW ever produced. Striking lines that brings You without compromises back to the first modern supercars from the top Italian designers in the late sixties and early seventies.

As a last general fact we like to give along that a SP2 is an all steel body, no fiberglass like the Puma….

This very unique SP2 is in what we call a very nice driver quality. Absolutely nothing ready for Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance but to cruise around easily without too much hassle in the weekends… Engine and transmission are healthy and brakes are new. Body wise this SP2 is way better as the average SP2’s (believe some are real hulks!!) and we welded in brand new floor plates. So this baby is already to enjoy and explore… all ready for a brand new life… a brand new life starting in your garage! Imagine a small weekend get away with your beloved one on this passenger seat…

We offer You here an entry to a complete different VW level. The “Upper class VW” world if we can called it that…. If you’re interested to acquire one of the most striking lines and exclusive Volkswagens on planet Earth, don’t hesitate and contact us today.


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