VW Highroof SO2, facbricado por volkswagen para Coca Cola en los años 60...

Talking about rarest of the rare? This must be very close in VW Bus land!

An all original very nice restored VW Highroof SO2 sales flap originally build for/by Volkswagen and sold brand new to the Coca Cola cy. in Vienna Austria in 1964 and put completely in their company livery at once… what’s in a name I hear You asking? … yes, this is ORIGINAL Coca Cola, all original and not something made up! This is an original SO2 sales flap made by/for Volkswagen when new, not a hack or cut job, this is real stuff…

Restoration was executed by an Austrian bus specialist and all we can say, they did a real nice job, under and above, outside/inside… all is nicely painted exactly a bus of these standards deserve … inside cargo area is nice grey like original and the drivers cabin has been re upholstered in as new condition.

The cargo area is empty, this means You can do what you want, off course the most beautiful would be to turn this in an American style mobile diner/coca cola shop, with mirrors, stainless steel accents and a lot of Coca Cola accessories! This bus could be your next profession! Selling Coca Cola out of a mobile Coca Cola shop like this is almost a child’s dream becoming reality, although selling gourmet burgers will bring you more money….and prestige! All possibilities are open, just let your imagination work.

Mechanical wise this baby also had the full treatment! Rebuild engine, new brakes and all rebuild front axle, You name it, it’s all there, and the bus drives real well! Will bring You all over the place!

A LOT of heritage, a lot of history, extremely unique and a real cool car, that’s what’s this bus is all about! And we can assure You will not find a second one anymore, no place on this planet! So historical also pretty important!

Everything comes with a price and this bus is sold as an consignment sale from a serious collector, this is not a bargain at all, might be little pricy, but the whole assembly being a cool old bus, being a real high roof, being an original sales flap and the coca cola history makes it almost priceless, so be happy it can be yours for the right amount. Make this is a perfect investment that will give you loads of fun down the road of your gain.

To proof the Coca Cola history a lot of early pictures from this bus is coming along in the deal…. Even the very early ones where the bus was still in Coca Cola yellow of the sixties! Furthermore we have a full picture shoot from the restoration, where You can clearly see the original logo’s been saved and re-worked! A lot of history and a lot of cool! This bus is unique… and it can be yours, don’t delay, contact us today!

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